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Introduction to the characteristics of planetary gear motor
Visit:1019   Date:2019-12-24

The main transmission structure of the planetary gear reduction motor is a planetary gear, a sun gear, and an outer ring gear. For planetary gear reduction motors, due to structural reasons, the minimum single-stage reduction is 3, and the maximum generally does not exceed 10. The common reduction ratios of planetary gear reduction motors are: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and the stage of planetary gear reduction motor The number generally does not exceed 3.

Compared with other types of geared motors, planetary geared motors have the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision, high transmission efficiency, high torque, volume ratio, and lifetime maintenance. Because planetary gear reduction motors have these unique characteristics, most planetary gear reduction motors are installed on not only motors and servo motors to reduce speed, increase torque, match inertia, etc.

The number of stages of the planetary gear reduction motor refers to the number of sets of planetary gears. Since one set of planetary gears cannot meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes 2 or 3 sets are required to meet the requirements of having a larger transmission ratio. As the number of planetary gears is increased, the length of the 2 or 3 stage geared motor will increase and the efficiency will decrease.

The characteristics of the planetary cycloid pin gear motor are high speed ratio and high efficiency single-stage transmission, which can achieve a reduction ratio of 1:87 and an efficiency of more than 90%. If multi-stage transmission is used, the reduction ratio is greater. Cycloidal pinwheel geared motors are compact in structure and small in size due to the use of the planetary transmission principle. The input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis line, making the model as small as possible. Smooth running and low noise. Cycloidal pinion gears have more meshing teeth, large overlap coefficient and mechanism balance mechanism, which minimizes vibration and noise. Reliable use and long life because the main parts are made of high-carbon Luo steel material, after crushing fire treatment, to obtain high strength, and part of the transmission contact using rolling friction, so durable and long life.

The principle of the cycloid pin gear motor is based on the transmission of gears by two eccentric wheels, while the principle of the turbo worm gear motor is through the 901 degree cross cooperation of the turbine and the worm to achieve transmission. The common points of the cycloid pin gear motor and the turbo worm gear motor are low efficiency and high torque output. The difference between the two is mainly that: Cycloidal pinwheel geared motors are usually output on the surface, and the backlash and backlash are small. The imported ones can usually be controlled within 10 arc minutes, while the turbine worms are usually output on the shaft. It is difficult to control the empty return. The biggest feature of the turbine worm gear motor is the self-locking function, while the cycloid pin gear motor can generally be integrated with the planetary gear, and its reduction ratio can be very large. The structure and operation mode of the cycloid pin gear motor can refer to the harmonic gear motor, while the transmission of the turbine worm gear motor is relatively simple.

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