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Characteristics and some concepts of plastic gear drive
Visit:3950   Date:2019-12-24

Gear transmission is the most widely used transmission method in mechanical transmission parts, and plastic gears are one of the gear products. Because of their light weight, low transmission noise, high temperature resistance and high load capacity, Features are more and more widely used in various fields. In gear transmission, gear transmission is required to be accurate, stable, and uniform, especially for high-end mechanical products, which require higher gear accuracy.

The important feature of plastic products is the nominal wall. The thickness of the nominal wall will affect the strength, cost and accuracy of the part. The control of noise and abnormal sound of gear products during the transmission process is particularly important. The generation of abnormal noise is mainly related to the radial runout of the gear and the cumulative pitch error. It also has a large tolerance on the size and position of the center distance of the housing There is Nan Guoxiang. At the same time, we must know that the manufacturing of the mold plays a decisive factor on the accuracy of the gear. The accuracy of the mold manufacturing is critically related to the processing method and processing technology.

With the development of science and the light weight requirements for gear products, gears have been transformed from metal gears to plastic gears, because plastic gears require better compatibility, durability and wear resistance, and long life requirements. The plastic gear grease can reduce noise, reduce wear, and extend life. Gear grease using synthetic lubricating oil and proper addition of extreme pressure additives and solid lubricants can not only improve the bearing capacity of the tooth surface, but also improve the transmission efficiency and extend the service life of the gear.

Plastic gear is a kind of plastic structure in nature. Its main function is used to transmit power and motion. Therefore, the plastic gear structure must be designed in accordance with the two aspects of the design of transmission parts and the structural design of plastic structures. The gear teeth are an important part of the realization of the transmission and are the core of the entire gear. There are two aspects to be paid attention to in the design of the gear teeth. One is the correction of the tooth shape and the other is the balance of the tooth thickness.

Tooth shape modification: When plastic gears are processed by molding, the shape of the teeth depends on the shape of the mold cavity. At the same time, since the cavity is mostly processed by wire cutting, there is no undercut in the processing of metal gears. However, no undercut does not mean that the tooth shape will not interfere, so to ensure that the plastic gear has a good meshing tooth profile, the tooth shape must be corrected.

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