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Analysis of the latest technology demand of planetary gear drive
Visit:888   Date:2019-12-24

Compared with ordinary gear transmission, planetary gearbox transmission has many unique advantages. Its most significant feature is that when transmitting power, it can perform power shunting. At the same time, its input shaft and output shaft are coaxial, that is, the output shaft and the input shaft are arranged on the same axis. So remarkable planetary gearbox transmission is used by people to replace ordinary gear transmission, and as a reducer, speed increaser and transmission in various mechanical transmission systems. Planetary gearbox transmission is more and more widely used in various engineering machinery industries that require small size, small mass, compact structure and high transmission efficiency, and is widely used in gear transmissions that require differentials and other vehicles.

的 The main features of planetary gear transmission are as follows:

First, small size, small mass, compact structure and large load carrying capacity. This is due to the planetary gearbox transmission with power splitting and the co-axial transmission of each center wheel and the reasonable application of internal gear pairs.

II. High transmission efficiency This is due to the symmetry of the planetary gear transmission structure. A planetary gearbox has several planetary wheels that are evenly distributed. This makes the reaction forces acting on the center wheel and the boom bearing seem to be balanced, thereby facilitating the effect of improving transmission efficiency. If the selected transmission type is proper and the structural arrangement is reasonable, the efficiency value can reach 0.97 ~ 0.99.

3. The transmission is relatively large When the transmission ratio is large, the planetary gear box can still maintain the advantages of compact structure, small mass, and small size, and it can also realize the synthesis and decomposition of motion and realize various variable speed complex motions. The planetary gear can realize the synthesis and decomposition of the motion. As long as the type and gear matching scheme of the planetary gear transmission are properly selected, a small number of gears can be used to obtain a large transmission ratio.

4. The planetary gearbox uses several planetary gears with the same structure and is evenly distributed around the center wheel, so that the sexual forces of the planetary gear and the swing arm can be balanced with each other. Smooth movement. At the same time, due to the increase in the number of teeth participating in the meshing, the planetary gear drive has a stable movement, strong resistance to shock and vibration, and reliable work.

It is precisely because of the above series of advantages with planetary gearboxes, so planetary gearbox transmissions have been widely used in various industries. It is also worth noting that planetary gearbox transmission is not only suitable for high-speed, high-power machines, but also has been widely used in low-speed and high-torque transmissions. It is precisely because planetary gearboxes can be used in almost all power and low speed ranges that planetary transmission technology has become one of the focuses of the development of mechanical transmission in various countries around the world.

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